Novator Consulting Group was founded in 1986 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We provide tools for Systems Development, principally Dyalog APL, and develops complete systems for Quality and Production Control and Financial Analysis and Planning.

Our daughter company Novator Solutions develops test and measurement systems and provides consulting services.

We build long-term relationships with our customers and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.



In our operations, we are guided by these core values:

  • High level of professionalism and expertise
  • Exceptional service and quality
  • A desire to create effective and profitable solutions

Our consultants are experts in their areas, and our products are carefully quality-checked prior to delivery. We take pride in delivering high quality and expertise in everything we do. As a result, our customer relationships are long-lasting. At Novator Consulting Group, we are never afraid of challenges, and we always deliver what we promise.

Our History

Over the years, we have supplied consultant services and complete system solutions to many of Sweden’s largest industrial companies, banks, and insurance companies. Many of our customer relationships stretch back over 25 years.

  • 1986
    Novator Consulting Group was established with the objective of offering consultant services and systems to support decision-making and control within the fields of finance, technology, and administration.
  • 2007
    Novator Solutions was launched in 2007. Its operations were focused on offering consultant services and turnkey solutions used in measurement, control, and testing. Eventually its focus would turn more toward development of in-house products. One of the earliest assignments included developing systems used to track fishing boats.
  • 2010
    Henrik Ulfhielm was appointed CEO and took over the helm of Novator Solutions.
    Operations were split into two main business areas: Remote Measurement and Control/Automate/Test. Novator Solutions’ successful collaboration with National Instruments kicked off this year. Since then, the relationship between the two companies has grown considerably.
  • 2011
    Novator Solutions became a National Instruments Alliance Partner.
  • 2013
    Novator Solutions became a National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner.
  • 2014
    A new business area – Spectral Data Analysis – was introduced. It focuses on offering RF products to the defense industry.
  • 2015
    “Novator Solutions became a National Instruments:
    – Gold Alliance Partner.
    – Alliance Partner of the Year in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa Region – EIMA
    – Finalist for “Product of the Year for the NC-10 Channelizer”

Business Areas Novator Consulting Group

If you want use Dyalog APL or Consulting Services in Financial Analysis and Planning please contact:
Christer Ulfhielm

VD Novator Consulting Group <christer.ulfhielm@novatorgroup.com>

Business Areas Novator Consulting Group Novator Solutions

The operations are divided into four key business areas: Control/Automate/Test, Remote Measurement, Spectral Data Analysis, and Navigation.
The heads of each business area are listed below. You can contact them directly by using this format: <firstname.lastname@novatorsolutions.se>.

Henrik Ulfhielm
CEO and Head of Remote Measurement and Novator Solutions
Johan Hillergren
Head of Control/Automate/Test
Lars Hedlund 
Head of Spectral Data Analysis and Navigation




The tool of thought for software solutions

DyalogAPL is the most widely used implementation of the APL language.
We represent Dyalog in Sweden with marketing and support.
DyalogAPL is used by some of our biggest engineering companies and is also popular for bank and insurance applications. The biggest application in Sweden currently is TakeCare from CompuGroup Medical.
TakeCare is a system for handling medical records and has today more than 50,000 users.





Our highly qualified consultants have extensive experience in system architecture and development of test systems.



Remote Measurement

Our robust remote measurement tools make it possible to monitor conditions in remote locations.



Spectral Data Analysis

We deliver complete, turnkey systems for recording-, storing-, channelizing-, and analyzing data from broadband real-time spectral analyzers.



We produce the next generation of robust satellite-communication systems enabling safe navigation during circumstances with natural- or man-made disturbances.